Welcome to official website of Jasi2169!

Hi guys this is Jaspreet Singh aka Jasi2169 and i welcome you to my personal website finally after using blogspot, wordpress, tumblr and roaming here and there on different forums so after 6 years i am glad to own my official website!

Tools are not yet completed compiling with changes and update,so download is unavailable right now, news will be posted when they are updated.

Knowledge is the Power!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to official website of Jasi2169!

  1. Oliver Reply

    Hi bro,
    Happy to know and find your useful personal website. I hope you will continue to share knowledge for the fellows cracker, developers and also beginner. Keep spirit. Keep move on.
    I agree that knowledge is a power!!!

    • Jasi Post authorReply

      Hopefully yes,time to time i will write interesting stuff!

  2. Chris Reply

    Jasi, just want to start off by saying that YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!, Grats on your website and looking forward to whats to come.Honestly I’m excited brutha and best of luck!

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